On October 13, the world’s first non-profit blockchain knowledge and entrepreneurial community hub, Blockchain centre opened a branch in Shanghai. The Shanghai branch office launched in Zhangjiang Venture Workshop @ Naxian 800, which is the incubator of Zhangjiang Group. Top experts from the blockchain industry together with a lot of professionals interested in this technology, talked about the opportunities and challenges of blockchain. Experts analysed its future development and the infinite possibilities of the application in multi-domain integration.

Blockchain is known as a new revolution technology after the Internet and mobile Internet. The World Economic Forum officially released the White Paper called “Realise the Potential of Blockchain”, pointing out that blockchain can create the opportunity to encourage the creation and trading of social values thereby providing the transfer from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value.


In recent years, the Chinese government has promulgated relevant policies for the development of blockchain technology and created a friendly environment for the development of Chinese blockchain industry. In the “The Tenth Five-Year” National Informatization Program released at the end of 2016, the blockchain technology was first included as a key engine for promoting information technology innovation, upgrading industrial structure and promoting sustainable development.

The Blockchain Centre Shanghai opening ceremony was chaired by Layla Dong, a member of the World Outstanding Youth Board of Directors of the World Economic Forum. The program was divided into four sections:

  1. The leader of Zhangjiang Venture Workshop @ Naxian 800 – Xia Sheng, the Commissioner & Consulate (Business) of Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Susan Corbisiero and the Global Director & CEO of Blockchain Center- Martin Davidson gave the opening speech respectively.
  2. NEM and freeCodeCamp China signing ceremony.
  1. Editor-in-Chief of “The Economist” in China, Chen Wu, discussing with Blockchain Global Founder & CEO – Sam Lee for the topic “Future of Blockchain Technology”.
  2. Sam Lee and guests raised discussions under the topic “Blockchain X”.

As the world’s first professional blockchain technology sharing community, this opening ceremony invited more than 20 industry-leading experts and scholars to attend, including: Blockchain Global COO – Allan Guo, NEM Foundation member – Nelson Valero, freeCodeCamp China founder Jack Jin, Editor-in-Chief of “The Economist” in China – Chen Wu, founder and president of Loopring – Dong Wang, founder of Future Business Lab, co-founder of United Valley – Jingyu Huan, Open Source Evangelist – Richard Lin and many other professionals who shared great views on blockchain technology.


Opening Speech: Sharing the blockchain industry development pattern

In the opening speech, Martin Davidson (Blockchain centre CEO) gave a brief introduction to the current state of development at Blockchain Centre Melbourne, “Education is the key to enabling society to benefit from this disruptive new technology i.e. blockchain technology, and the central vision is to build global communities that enable people to freely learn and understand how to use this technology to create new business services and applications.”

The centre is also active in helping the government to develop appropriate regulations to advise the Department of Economic Development of Victoria, Australia. This would help them understand Blockchain Technology, its applications, and to promote the legitimise and education of blockchain technology in Australia. This initiative is endorsed by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission’s business commissioner, Susan Corbisiero, who said that the use of blockchain technology in daily life has steadily raised under the relevant regulatory rules for blockchain development. This has helped educate and hatch excellent technical team to accelerate the development of blockchain technology in Australia. She hopes that the establishment of the Shanghai branch office, will improve the technology development and the ecology of blockchain technology in China.


Promote cooperation: NEM and freeCodeCamp China on-site contract

After the establishment of the centre in Shanghai, the first collaboration was between NEM and freeCodeCamp China to promote blockchain technology. This cooperation includes providing free or charged NEM blockchain technology learning materials and training programs for freeCodeCamp users, to develop more outstanding programmers for the development of Chinese blockchain industry.

Dialogue: Exploring the future development of blockchain technology


“Dialogue with wu chen” was one of the highlights of this opening ceremony. Chaired by Professor Wu Chen, editor-in-chief of the Economist China Business Directory, was his discussion with Blockchain Global Founder & CEO – Sam Lee on the most important topic, the “Future of Blockchain Technology”.

The World Economic Forum recently ranked blockchain as the top three of the ten emerging technologies, and the key feature of this technology which is Unstoppable and Permission-less. Professor Wu Chen said that people now treat blockchain technology as they did the Internet in the early 90s. Blockchain as an important intermediary, can be used to store, move, translate, exchange and manage various assets. Blockchain technology may be like the Internet Technology have a far-reaching impact. Sam believes that the use of blockchain technology in trade finance and networking is going to bring about disruptive changes.

Discussing the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology in multi-domain integration


The opening ceremony specially prepared a Panel part, which was another essential section of this event. Invited were the professionals of blockchain technology from development, research, investment and other aspects: Blockchain Global CEO – Sam Lee, Blockchain Global COO – Allan Guo, founder and president of Loopring – Dong Wang, founder of Future Business Lab, co-founder of United valley – Jingyu Huan, Open Source Evangelist – Richard Lin, UAI founder & Chief Scientist – Xiaohu Zhu, sharing blockchain technology integration from a number of angles.

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence): blockchain technology is a base support technology, on the basis of which can build a huge training database. This efficient distributed algorithm enables AI to be applied to all walks of life. Secondly, in the last month, the AI player in the DOTA2 game, defeated the best players in humans, which means that with Blockchain and artificial intelligence technology together, we can design more secure and powerful AI in specific scenarios. This integration will also be applied to solve some of the difficult problems faced by mankind today.


The financial industry: the natural features of the blockchain has a huge potential in the financial field. Even though blockchain technology already has some outstanding performance in the application of the financial industry, we should still pay more attention to the transformation that blockchain would bring to the traditional financial industry, such as property registration, derivatives quantitative, futures and other aspects.

Entertainment: Although China’s per capita GDP is still lower than some of the developed countries, Chinese entertainment industry does not lose to most of the others. If the blockchain technology can be applied to IP (Intelligence Property) investment, fan economy and crowdfunding in the future, then the Chinese entertainment industry’s volume is very imaginative.

Retail: The application of blockchain technology can change the status of all personal Internet behaviour, and unify all the ID data of individuals together, which is conducive to the establishment of accurate personal identity model and perfect recommendation system.