Blockchain Centre Will Open New Brach in Lithuania

Nov 10, 2017 | Blockchain Centre, Blockchain Global, Media Releases |

After the grand opening of Blockchain Centre Shanghai, Blockchain Centre now has another branch in Europe. On 3rd.Nov, Blockchain Centre signed a deal with Tony G, a Lithuanian businessman, poker player, politician and philanthropist, to bring Blockchain Centre in Lithuania.

65c4f8d1-41f2-45ef-93b4-cec3b0333f6eThe opening of the new Blockchain Centre will bring more developing opportunity for blockchain to Europe’s Baltic states. “The application of blockchain technology can empower citizens to enjoy transparent, secure, smart & faster governance.” Tony said. On 11th Oct, Lithuania’s central bank has become the latest financial institution of its kind of release new guidance for those seeking to organise an initial coin offering (ICO) in the country.

In the next few months, Blockchain Centre will continue to expand its branch in Europe, such as Geneva, to bring more benefits from blockchain to the Europe.