The Company through it’s wholly owned Subsidiary Bit Fund Pty Ltd founded the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center (MBTC), Australia’s first and only dedicated co-working space for the Blockchain industry. As the de facto Knowledge Center of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, it was featured as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week, run by City of Melbourne Council.

The Company spun MBTC off into its own not-for-profit entity which the Company supports as the principal corporate sponsor in providing incubation facilities with the intention to foster the development of other Blockchain and software applications.

The Company intends to continue to base itself out of the Melbourne premises and share the hosting facilities (including desks, telephones, computers and internet access) and education / consultancy services for individuals and businesses within the Blockchain industry.

The Company works strategically with other industry participants to develop products or services that tackle a specific business problem or identified opportunity. The goal is to build a proof of concept and bring together a team to operate startups in the Blockchain ecosystem, which enables client to be aligned through the access of new capabilities and opportunities.

Potential commercial applications of Blockchain that the Company is incubating


“Titleblock” provides Blockchain solutions to ownership applications. The solution aim to redefine title registries by introducing the immutability of the Blockchain to digital record keeping. The Company has signed a non binding heads of agreement with BlockFreight Inc, a US company who are developing the Blockchain of global freight. The collaboration around an immutable register of assets is what underpins the shared IP with Blockfreight and is extended on to reflect rights to freight to facilitate rapid freight forwarding and removing the need for customary freight forwarding document for proof of ownership. The heads of agreement provides intention for parties to proceed, where Blockfreight would receive a 40% interest in Titleblock;


“BlockGrid” is developing a software platform for digital assets to be stored in a secure environment (building on the methodology of the Bitcoin blockchain) where the applications include creating immutable tokens that are tied to Kilowatt hour electricity which is received as an output from Smart Meters rolled out by the Australian Government, with the goal being to program smart device interaction with the BlockGrid platform


“Verifii” is an identity platform that is distributed, decentralised, privacy-centric, and blockchain-secured. The goal is to empower peer-to-peer global trust through a trustless distributed system as an alternative to centralised trusted 3rd parties that operates as a single point of failure, as well as enabling the frictionless onboarding and authentication of customers to lower the cost for companies to process customer information.

Incubation Strategy

The Company’s strategic model is that where such projects reach a development stage where it can stand alone (and be able to secure their own funding), the Company intends to establish a separate entity to pursue funding for the commercial development of the project without requiring investment or financial support by the Company.

The Company may also draw value by licencing or partnering such projects.

Alternatively, the Company may also seek to achieve licensing or joint venture arrangements in respect of commercial projects identified as a result of its incubation facilities.

Management Team

Mr Anoosh Manzoori

Mr Manzoori is the Principal of the group’s Corporate Incubation Division (Bit Fund Pty. Ltd). He has extensive commercial and operational experience in building successful technology companies. He will assist with identifying investment opportunities that match our investment criteria, undertake the required due diligence, and assist with the facilitated and participation of other investors, and then managed the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Mr Manzoori is the director of Shape Capital, a corporate advisory firm assisting technology companies with their capital raising and M&A activity. He specialises in working with technology companies with large transactional volumes on a global scale. He has taken them from start up to full-scale commercialisation and trade sale. This includes completing trade sales to large ASX listed companies in the technology sector. Anoosh also has an extensive network of investors both in Australia and USA.

Mr Manzoori started his first technology company at age 22 and was awarded the ’Entrepreneurial Scholarship’ sponsored by Ernst & Young, American Chamber of Commerce and Playford Capital. A member of the Institute of Company Directors, Mr Manzoori was the founder and CEO of SmartyHost providing domain name and web hosting services. He built SmartyHost from scratch, reaching 70,000 customers within 5 years. The Company was sold to publicly listed MYOB in 2008.

Mr Manzoori graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science and Adelaide University with a Graduate Diploma in Business Enterprise.

Mr Martin Davidson

Mr Davidson applies his deep understanding of the real world applications of Blockchain Technology to assist the Company with its long-term strategic goal of maintaining a leadership position in the industry. His group level responsibilities applies over 16 years of professional experience in consumer and business sales to provide education to universities and corporates around Blockchain technology.

Having been involved in the Blockchain industry since 2013, Mr Davidson has successfully during this time, founded and exited a Distributed Ledger Technology startup prior to joining Blockchain Global. He is well versed to identify and facilitate the right introductions to bring together application layer opportunities across the Consulting and Incubation divisions of the group.

Mr Davidson is passionate about implementing new effective business processes and structures, and capable at setting and meeting goals, as demonstrated by his track record at TSA Telco Group as a National Sales Manager, with direct responsibilities for annual sales revenue of $24 million.

Mr Davidson graduated from Monarch Institute with a Diploma in Financial Planning and holds a BTEC National Diploma for Business Finance.